Connecting iPhone 6 to Windows 8.1

I have been struggling to connect my iPhone 6 plus as a hotspot on the Windows 8.1 tablet I use. In the past it was very simple..just plug it in via usb and off it went. Since updating to iOS8.1 it stopped working. Since I had no need to use iTunes on the machine I did not install. However, tonight I finally installed iTunes on the tablet and it worked. Now it is working beautifully.

Just thought I would share this quick tip…

EDU 6215

As many of you know I teach graduate courses for Aurora University in the evening. About two years ago I was asked to help develop a new Masters in Educational Technology program. I t was an honor to be part of its development and we are now starting a 5th cohort group. Refinement of course syllabi is continual due to changes in technology as well as changes in student level of knowledge.

The current course I am teaching is really nice. I decided to use Wes Fryers book on media and common core to help guide students through creation of several media projects including podcasting, screen casting, narrated art, and many others.

Having time to reflect on the plane to CoSN I hope that the students are learning more about these technologies and how they can be used in the classroom. Up until now I have been impressed with the quality and proud to say that any one of them could be an education technologist.

Wes Fryer

This past week I attended the NFI conference in Galena Illinois and had the opportunity to hear Wes Fryer speak for a full day and another half day.  This format was great!  It was one of the first times that I didn’t feel like I was at the end of a fire hose of information being sprayed at me.

The format allowed Wes to have the participants be in a group and have opportunities for real exploration of the tools he was sharing about using media in the classroom using any type of technology from a smart phone to a tablet or even a browser.  I was blown away and just fully enjoyed being the participant.

If you ever have an opportunity to spend time with Wes you will enjoy hearing the practical uses of various apps to make Bloom’s Taxonomy come to life at the creation level.

For more information and to see various presentations as well as other resources you should visit

Wes Fryer’s main website is

Google Apps / Email Frustration

Using Google Apps email is great. It works great, except for one thing. If you send an email to a listserv within your domain you do not receive a copy of the email in your own Inbox. This frustrates users and they hope that it is delivered but you really never know. I am attempting to look at work-arounds but not sure from what I have seen that it is possible.

Cyberbully Tips from the movie Cyberbully

This past Saturday night we as a family watch Cyberbully which was originally an ABC family movie via my sons Netflix account.  I had not had the opportunity to watch it when it was released.  What a great movie for a family to sit and watch.  I would recommend it for any family with kids in 5th grade and up.  It does a great job describing situations and allowing you to pause and have discussions about each point.

Probably the best part of the movie is towards the end when there is a support group talking and the kids provide tips to other kids about preventing cyberbullying.  I have pasted a link below to the YouTube site where the movie is available and suggest to you if you only would like the tips to go to the 1 hour and 8 minute mark and watch for about 3 minutes.  I believe it is the best 3 minutes you and your kids could watch and discuss.

YouTube —


Phil’s Internet Safety Tips for Parents

Here are just a few tips for parent’s to keep their kids safe on the internet.

  • People, not computers, should be their friends
  • Never meet an online friend in person
  • Stay out of Chat Rooms
  • “Google” your name and child’s name
  • Check and Monitor Profiles
  • Know who their “friends” are
  • Keep computer in common area (Family Room)
  • Beware of requests for personal information
  • Avoid posting personal photos
  • Keep private information private
  • Copy any inappropriate information
  • Do you know your child’s nickname? profile name? password? friends?

Facebook Search Engine

Facebook announced a new search engine option today.  Read more about it here.



I have been having a hard time organizing my to do lists having multiple devices, etc.  I have tried Toodledo and that worked great for a while but being on Google Apps at work and on Google for my personal mail and Google having a Task application I was hoping to find something which could work with both.  I just downloaded a new app on my iPad called GoTasks.  GoTasks was FREE on the app store and the reviews were really good.  I have been able to integrate both accounts in to the app and it auto synchronizes to my Google accounts allowing me to see the lists when logged on via the web.

Tip for kids having iPhone or iPad

Many times kids are wanting to have an iPhone and parents want to know of a way to keep track of what they are doing. One tip is to have the same itunes account setup on their iphone or ipad as the parents. This way all phones will sync with the same apps. The downside is if there is an app you as an adult would like the kids would also have it on their phone.